Data Governance Takes Time...

Data Governance Takes Time...


Just a quick thought for today...Data Governance takes a lot of time, and some people are put off by that because they can't quantify or see the long term success.

Yes, it takes time, but the savings more than offset the time spent up-front.  



Here are some ways that Data Governance takes time:

  • Time spent gathering requirements of reports BEFORE they are written
  • Time spent writing definitions down as they are needed
  • Time spent updating technical definitions as you develop
  • Time spent reviewing and approving content

These costs are front-loaded and occur once

 Here are some ways that Data Governance SAVES time:

  • Saves time spent re-writing reports because requirements were not understood or agreed upon
  • Saves time spent answering how data is calculated on a particular report
  • Saves time spent developing a report by re-using a technical definition
  • Saves time for a new employee learning terminology or how to query the data
  • Saves time communicating requirements by using standard terminology

 These savings continue to grow and repeat!!

Can you quantify these?  How much time do you spend answering these questions?

We would love to hear about your time saved with your data governance efforts at your higher education institution.  Remember that IData is available to assist.  We offer data govenance services and the Data Cookbook, the leading data governance solution for higher education.  If interested, please Contact Us.

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