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Data Governance / Data Intelligence Content Resources

There is a great deal of data governance-related content including reference data, business glossary, report specifications, policy documentation, data requests, data system inventory, reference...

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Need Help with Your Data Dictionaries and Definitions? Here are Some Resources

Data dictionaries and definitions are an important content item in data governance (or as we call it data intelligence). These dictionary items and definitions are important to all organizations as...

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Back to Basics - Data Dictionary vs. Business Glossary

Having accessible knowledge is an important part of data governance (or also called data intelligence) and we thought in this post (and in upcoming posts) we would go back to the basics. Topic this...

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Best Way to Build a Data Dictionary

A data dictionary is a repository of definitions of the data you use to make decisions at your organization. This post will suggest, gathered from our experience, the preferred way to build your data...

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