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15 Thoughts on Improving Data Quality

Data quality is an important piece to data governance (data intelligence) and thus important for organizations including higher education institution. During our various webinars and blog posts we...

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Data Quality Content

Data quality is an important component of data governance and data intelligence at higher education institutions and organizations. Data quality includes people, processes and content. This blog post...

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Who Owns the Data

Who owns the data at organizations and higher education institutions? Information Technology (IT) Department or the specific functional department like Admissions, Human Resources, Institutional...

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Data Governance is Foremost About Helping, Not Controlling

This blog post discusses the perception of data governance (and data intelligence). It sounds difficult and controlling. Maybe it should be called data guidance instead. Data governance should help...

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Impacts and Sources of Data Quality Problems

Data quality is a key component of data governance (also called data intelligence). This post lists impacts of poor quality data and identifies sources of poor quality data. If you can’t get traction...

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