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Agile Just-in-Time Data Governance is the Way to Go

We are a firm believer in just-in-time data governance (or as we also call it, data intelligence) which is very agile. The agile methodology has radically transformed the process of software...

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Resources for Just-in-Time Data Governance

We are firm believers that organizations should practice just-in-time data governance which has an empowered committee to handle policy and vision as well as empowered individuals (data stewards)...

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Data Governance Framework: Communication Process

One of the three components of a data governance framework is having a communication process which includes facilitating just-in-time data governance, supporting data governance content activity...

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Part II: Pragmatic Data Governance-Just in Time Data Governance

 In their Top 10 IT Issues, 2017, EDUCAUSE identified “data management and governance” as an issue to “improve…the management of institutional data through data standards, integration, protection,...

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Succeed with Just-in-Time Data Governance

More and more organizations are implementing data governance (also referred to as data intelligence) to better document their data, and, from our experience, this usually means a large committee...

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