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Make Data Governance as Self-service as Possible

Your data governance activities should be as self-service as possible, just like self-service analytics and self-service IT support. Users at an organization should be able to get a great deal of...

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Availability of Data Governance Reporting and Analytics Resources

Reporting and Analytics is very related to data governance.  If you do not have trust in your data then you will not have trust in your reports and your analytic efforts.  The report efforts are...

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Trend for Shadow Analytics

In a previous post we shared some thoughts about shadow systems, and how they are symptomatic of poor data governance practices as much as, if not more than, users seeking to evade rules....

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The Promise of Analytics

Of our clients who have embarked on an analytics program, many of them have seen the same issues emerge that came up when they introduced Business Intelligence (BI) tools, as well as historically...

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The Data-Enabled Executive: Using Analytics for Student Success

The American Council of Education came out with a brief, titled “The Data-Enabled Executive: Using Analytics for Student Success and Sustainability”, to increase data-informed decision making in...

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