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The People Side of Data Governance

People (Human Resources) are an important part of data governance and data intelligence. They are part of the necessary framework. Data governance is about helping people and providing guidance....

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Data Governance Content Operations

There is a great deal of data governance content that needs to be managed and curated. This requires operations. You probably have a goal to increase your data governance content on a regular basis....

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Resources to Assist with Data Governance Oversight and Management

A data governance and data intelligence initiative is very important to an organization.  This initiative or effort needs to be managed and have oversight.  We have written some blog posts, created...

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Data Governance Oversight Team Responsibilities

For data governance and data intelligence success, an organization must have a data governance oversight and management team or committee (team) in place. This team is the champion for data...

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Responsibilities of a Data Governance Leadership and Oversight Committee

Recently we held a webinar regarding responsibilities of a data governance (data intelligence) leadership and oversight committee. Feel free to watch the recording here. We thought in this blog post...

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