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Taking a Customer Service Approach to Data Governance and Data Intelligence

In this blog post we will discuss that organizations should take a customer service and just-in-time approach to data governance and data intelligence. Your organization needs to realize that despite...

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Select Solution That Can Handle Any Data Governance Approach You Use

This post outlines different approaches to data governance and data intelligence and demonstrates how the Data Cookbook solution by IData supports these approaches to data governance. The approaches...

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Various Approaches for Managing Reference Data Lists

There is a potential enormous impact when a reference data list or valid value list is changed. Some changes more than others. And you need to be prepared. But, as a rule, lots of things happen if...

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Resources for Just-in-Time Data Governance / Data Intelligence and Help Desk / Customer Service Approach

We are firm believers that organizations should practice just-in-time data governance (or just-in-time data intelligence) which has an empowered committee to handle policy and vision as well as...

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Data Quality Programs

Data quality is critical at organizations such as universities. This post, one in a series on data quality, introduces data quality programs. Learn about the tasks involved and the benefits of a data...

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Different Approaches to Data Governance and Data Intelligence

There are many ways to approach data governance (or as we call it data intelligence) at an organization. This post lists the primary approaches and provides a list of items to consider when selecting...

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