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Data, Data Everywhere in Higher Education

No one can argue that the amount of data at a higher education institution is increasing - and it is located both on premise and in the cloud. The number of types of systems is increasing. In...

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Building Trust in Your Data – 10 Steps to Achieve

Data governance needs to provide trust in the data for it to be successful. Organizations need to trust their data so that they can make effective decision making. But building trust is not easy. It...

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What to Store in a Data Systems Inventory

It is critical to know where your data resides. Therefore, it is necessary to inventory all of the data systems used at the organization. This post discusses what to include in an inventory. The...

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Different Approaches to Data Governance and Data Intelligence

There are many ways to approach data governance (or as we call it data intelligence) at an organization. This post lists the primary approaches and provides a list of items to consider when selecting...

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8 Steps to Build a Data Systems Inventory

Building a data system inventory is necessary, but not easy.  This post describes the 8 steps we recommend when  building your data system inventory at your organization.

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Benefits of a Data Systems Inventory

This blog post will cover the benefits of having an inventory of your data systems at your organization (such as a higher education institution). Part of the knowledgebase for data governance (also...

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Remove Barriers to Effective Reporting

Implementing effective reporting at any organization is not easy (including higher education institutions). This post outlines the barriers to effective reporting and provides solutions to eliminate...

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Making the Case for ROI on Data Governance

In this post we review, from our experience and knowledge, various points in making the case for pragmatic data governance (or data intelligence) return on investment (ROI). Good data governance will...

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Data Governance Tops the List on the 2017 HEDW Survey of Top 10 Issues

We were searching the web recently and came across this oldie but goodie survey by the Higher Education Data Warehousing (HEDW) forum ( titled “2017 HEDW Survey of Top 10 Issues”....

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Data Governance Trends in 2018

We’re a big fan of Dataversity ( which provides data education for business and IT professionals.  We came across their “Data Governance Trends in 2018” article, dated January 24,...

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Where are You in the Data Governance Process?

Unsure of where your organization is in the data governance (data intelligence) process?   

Then ask and answer the following questions:

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Data Governance Discussion on Challenges

At the end of last year, we attended a regional Institutional Research (IR) conference and sat in on a discussion group regarding data governance (data intelligence) challenges. We loved the great...

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The Data-Enabled Executive: Using Analytics for Student Success

The American Council of Education (ACE) came out with a brief, titled “The Data-Enabled Executive: Using Analytics for Student Success and Sustainability”, to increase data-informed decision making...

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