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Data Governance Content Creation Loop

Data governance and data intelligence is not just about content. It is not just about having the information. It is about having processes to help keep that information up to date and a knowledge...

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Various Methods of Adding Business Glossary Definitions

A key goal of data governance is to increase data literacy and trust. And a business glossary is important in delivering this goal. But organizations have a challenge in updating the business...

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Need Help with Your Data Dictionaries and Definitions? Here are Some Resources

Data dictionaries and definitions are an important content item in data governance (or as we call it data intelligence). These dictionary items and definitions are important to all organizations as...

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Need Help with Your Business Glossary? Here are Some Resources to Help

Business glossaries are an important content item in data governance (or as we call it data intelligence). Therefore business glossaries are important to all organizations as it allows staff to speak...

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Best Practices for Functional and Technical Definitions

Definitions should eliminate confusion across the enterprise. And they should be accessible by all that work with data. There are two types of definitions - functional and technical. And they are...

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Key Principles and Thoughts of Writing Good Business Glossary Definitions

In a recent webinar we covered tips for writing great business glossary definitions. Click here to access the recording. In this blog post we thought we would cover some principles and thoughts on...

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Providing Meaning - Writing Good Definitions

A business glossary is a major component within a data governance (or data intelligence) initiative. Glossary entries consist of a name and a functional definition. The purpose of a functional...

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Back to Basics - What Goes Into a Business Glossary

Recently we discussed the differences between a business glossary and a data dictionary, and why you are likely to need both at your organization. In this post we want to delve more deeply into the...

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Case for Sharing Definitions & Specifications in the Public Community

As you many know, IData publishes a number of publicly-available definitions and specifications for public consumption, including national data sets like IPEDS and CDS, state bodies like SCHEV in...

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