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What to Avoid in Your Data Governance Initiative

We have done many webinars, blog posts and videos around data governance. In many of these resources we mention what to avoid in your data governance (or data intelligence) initiative. We felt that...

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What is Reference Data

In this blog post we will cover what is reference data by giving some examples and some general guidelines. The most common use of reference data are code values or lookup values. The dropdown lists...

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How (Framework) and What (Content) of Data Governance

When we talk about best practices in data governance (or data intelligence), we separate it into two main areas: framework (the how) and content (the what). This blog post will discuss these 2 areas...

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What is Data Governance and Why It Matters

What do we mean by data governance (and data intelligence) and why does data governance matter?  This blog post answers both of these questions.

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