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Resources on Achieving a Data Governance Culture

Achieving a data governance or data culture is critical for an organization. Culture is many things but it must be created with training and policies and management. In this blog post we will provide...

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Five Whys as an Approach to Data Governance

We were recently reintroduced to the "5 Whys" concept, which we first learned of many years ago as part of Lean Six Sigma training. When it's appropriate, it can be an elegant and useful tool to...
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The People Side of Data Governance

People (Human Resources) are an important part of data governance and data intelligence. They are part of the necessary framework. Data governance is about helping people and providing guidance....

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Data Governance is Culture and Not a One-Time Project

Data is a valued organization asset. Data is continually flowing and changing and growing. Your organization needs to properly manage data all the time. If you have not already done so, you need to...

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Fit Data Intelligence into Your Organization's Culture

In this blog post we will discuss the organization culture that will maximize the benefit of data intelligence and data governance at all levels. And that data intelligence needs to be a part of your...

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Remember: Don't Forget Your Data Cleanup

Periodically, you will want to modify or remove data in your organization that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, unnecessary, or duplicated. To do this you want to clean your data....

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Fit Data Governance into Your Higher Education Institution's Culture

In this blog post we’ll discuss the institution culture that will maximize the benefit of data governance at all levels. And that data governance needs to be a part of your higher education...

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Part IV: Pragmatic Data Governance: Cultural Shifts in an Institution thru Best Practices

In their Top 10 IT Issues, 2017, EDUCAUSE identified “data management and governance” as issue #6 and defined it as the need to “improve…the management of institutional data through data standards,...

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Building a Better Data Culture

Anyone who's ever attended a Data Cookbook demonstration, or heard us talk about it at a higher education conference, has heard us say this: "Reporting is not a technology problem." While we think...

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