IData Dedicated to Serving Organizations in All Verticals for Data Management Success

IData Dedicated to Serving Organizations in All Verticals for Data Management Success

Organizations generate an abundance of valuable data. Unfortunately, this data is not always easy to access or understand and thus needs to be managed. IData Inc. (IData) is committed to all kinds of organizations (education, corporate, government, non-profit, healthcare, financial) in assisting with the management of data and the technology required to do this management. We make sure that our clients are successful. In this blog post we thought we would let our readers know more about IData and discuss the three main practices at IData which are:

  1. Data Governance, Data Intelligence and Reporting
  2. System Integration and
  3. Technical Consulting


Data Governance, Data Intelligence and Reporting

  • The Data Cookbook is a complete online solution focused on supporting the best practices of data governance and data intelligence
  • IData assists organizations implement and succeed at their data governance initiatives using the Data Cookbook solution or performing technology consulting
  • With different editions, the Data Cookbook solution is perfect for any size organization by making data governance and data intelligence efforts easier and more beneficial
  • Designed and built with a client first approach, the Data Cookbook solution is easy to use, easy to implement and very affordable

System Integration

  • Enterprise integration between critical systems is simplified and reliable with the IDataHub Enterprise Service Bus, developed by a proven vendor in technology connection
  • IData has partnerships with other solution vendors so that easy integration between systems is possible
  • Growing list of packaged connectors for critical systems including those for admissions, retention, accounts payable and alumni. Accurate information accomplished without human effort with integration
  • Integration technology consulting available by IData experts to connect critical systems together

Technology Consulting

  • Focused on offering the best technology services to our clients including those concerning data governance, integration and reporting
  • Dedicated to delivering appropriate, timely and effective services
  • Knowledgeable staff on leading technologies along with industry knowledge
  • Excellent project management

Some Highlights

  • Committed vendor, serving organizations since 2004
  • Over 600 organizations in a variety of industries, including higher education, have been helped by IData
  • Over 40 vendors and partners to assist with data management
  • Provider of the Data Cookbook, a leading data governance solution
  • Provider of IDataHub Enterprise Service Bus and connector catalog for easy integration
  • Expert technical consulting including integration and data governance
  • Committed to data management education by sponsorship of data management information community and provider of educational resources
  • Staff, based throughout United States, supports clients throughout the world

Hope you enjoyed this blog post about IData. Feel free to check out our resources on data governance and data intelligence by clicking here.   Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can assist.
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