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Need Help with Data Lineage? Here Are Some Resources to Assist

What is Just-in-Time Data Intelligence?

Curating Data About Data

Who is Requesting Data and the Types of Requests

Here’s Some Resources Regarding People and Data Governance / Data Intelligence

Data Governance / Data Intelligence Best Practices Recap

Automate Your Data Governance as Much as Possible

Tips for Data-related Policy Implementation, Action and Enforcement

Capabilities Necessary in a Data Governance or Data Intelligence Solution

Importance of the Data Request Process

Availability of Data Processing (Report) Catalog Resources

The Many Uses of a Data Processing Catalog

Gaining Efficiencies with Data Governance

Link Data Governance with Your Technology Projects – Here are Some Resources

Expand Your Report Catalog to be a Data Processing Catalog

Adding Data-Related Policies to Your Data Governance Content

Transitioning to Something New? Here is the What, When and How!

Understanding the Data Quality Issue Resolution Process

Stakeholders Necessary for a Data Governance Initiative

Ownership of Your Data Governance Solution

Six Data Governance Principles for Reports and Dashboards

Adoption and Return on Investment are Important for Data Governance. Here are Some Resources

What to Avoid in Your Data Governance Initiative

Want to Know More About Data Governance Assessments and Roadmaps? Here's Some Resources

IData Dedicated to Serving Organizations in All Verticals for Data Management Success

What is a Data System Inventory

Data Governance and Data Intelligence Topics - Check Out the Resources

Focus on Data Governance Quick Wins to Demonstrate Value and Gain Momentum

Data to Return on Investment for Organization Success

What's Included in a Data Governance Assessment

Why a Data Governance Roadmap is Important

Benefits and Best Practices of Reference Data Management

Need Help with Your Business Glossary? Here are Some Resources to Help

Discover and Know Your Data

Agile Just-in-Time Data Governance is the Way to Go

Connected Data Governance Content Increases Benefit

Determine Your Data Governance Framework

Make Data Governance as Self-service as Possible

Using Data Governance During a System Integration Project

Soft Skills and Traits of a Good Data Steward

IT Priorities for the Year 2021

Need Better Trust in Your Data? Here are Some Resources to Help

Gathering, Curating, Researching and Supporting for Data Governance and Guidance

Have Data Governance Communication Plan

Starting Data Governance? Here are Some Helpful Resources

Hiring? Here Are Some Data Governance Questions You Might Want to Ask

Best Practices for Functional and Technical Definitions

Availability of Data Governance Reporting and Analytics Resources

Here are Some Resources Regarding Reference Data Lists

Prioritize Your Reference Data to Manage

Responsibilities of a Data Governance Leadership and Oversight Committee

Key Principles and Thoughts of Writing Good Business Glossary Definitions

Review Your Data Situations

Where Reference Data Lists are Used

What is Reference Data

Levels of Data System Inventory Complexity

Various Approaches for Managing Reference Data Lists

Data Governance is About Helping People and Guidance

The What and How of Data Lineage

Purpose of a Data Governance Assessment

How (Framework) and What (Content) of Data Governance

What is Data Governance and Why It Matters

Sources of Definition Content

Key Elements of Data Governance Success

Resources for Just-in-Time Data Governance / Data Intelligence

Data Governance Content for All Organizations

Use a Consistent Approach to Include Valid Values and Reference Data in a Glossary Definition

Data Governance Framework: Communication Process

Planning a Route on Your Data Governance Road Map

Data Governance Framework: Knowledge Base

Get Off to a Good Start When Writing a Glossary Definition

Data Governance Framework: Stewardship

Now is Not the Time for Desperate Data Measures

Providing Meaning - Writing Good Definitions

Start Small with Data Governance

Learning from Libraries

Common Language - More on Business Glossaries

Need Help with System Integration?  Check Out Our Resources!

Moving On Up?

Data Governance-related Questions to Answer

No Successful Data Governance Initiative in the Past? Has Your Organization Changed?

Integrative Information Management for 2020 and Beyond

Resources for the Many Components of Data Governance

Data Stewardship is Critical - Here are Some Resources

Setting the Proper Stage for Data Stewards

Getting Started with Data Governance

Reframing Data Quality Problems

Data Steward Principles

Hidden in Plain Sight: Managing Reference Data

Evaluate Your Data Governance Processes

Data Steward Matrix

Data System Inventory - Resources to Make It Happen

Resources for Life Cycle of Data Requests

What Are You Doing with Your Data?

Student Data Privacy

Are You Ready for CCPA? Here are Some Actions to Take

The More Things Change ...

Don't Use Committees for Data Governance Content

Data Governance Breaks Down Silos (Data and Organizational)

The Many Parts of Data Quality (and Resources)

From Acquisition to Disposition: Data Management Pitfalls throughout Your Data's Lifecycle

Better, Inexpensive Way to Establish Data Governance in Higher Education

How to Improve Your Institutional Reporting

Inventory of Data Assets Necessary to Recognize Value of Data

Integration Health Score and Annual Assessment

Trusted Data: Working Together and Communication Play a Big Part

Achieving Successful Reporting is Not a Technology Problem

Data Management Challenges Facing Institutional Researchers

System Integration Project Best Practices - Part 2

System Integration Project Best Practices - Part 1

What Does the Data Steward Do?

Fit Data Governance into Your Higher Education Institution's Culture

Improve Data Quality - Do These Actions Part 2

80% Preparation, 20% Misinterpretation: Citizen Data Science in the Context of No Governance

Improve Data Quality - Do These Actions Part 1

System Integration Challenges

Back to Basics - What Goes Into a Business Glossary

Integration Best Practices After Go Live

Data Governance Roles: Steward, Owner and Custodian

Data Quality Responsibilities at All Levels

Back to Basics - Data Dictionary vs. Business Glossary

Brainstorming About Data Quality

Internal Communication Regarding Data Quality

Trend for Shadow Analytics

Top 10 IT Issues in 2019 in Higher Education are Data-related Dominated

Shadow Systems Explained

15 Thoughts on Improving Data Quality

Data Quality Content

Who Owns the Data

Data Governance is Foremost About Helping, Not Controlling

Impacts and Sources of Data Quality Problems

Data Quality Issues

Right Away, Give New Employees Training on Data Governance

Assess Data Quality Within Data Systems

Do You Know Where Your Data Has Been and What It’s Been Doing?

Don't Blame Your Data

The Promise of Analytics

Data Quality Rules

Creating Organization Buy-in for Data Governance

Data Quality Programs

More Data Request Best Practices

Some Data Request Best Practices

Thoughts on Data Requests

Pragmatic Actions You Can Take for GDPR

Best Way to Build a Data Dictionary

One Recommended Data Governance Content Path

Content of Data Governance for Higher Education Institutions

Data, Data Everywhere in Higher Education

Building Trust in Your Data – 10 Steps to Achieve

What to Store in a Data Systems Inventory

Different Approaches to Data Governance

8 Steps to Build a Data Systems Inventory

Benefits of a Data Systems Inventory

Remove Barriers to Effective Reporting

Making the Case for ROI on Data Governance

Data Governance Tops the List on the 2017 HEDW Survey of Top 10 Issues

Data Governance Trends in 2018

Where are You in the Data Governance Process?

Data Governance Discussion on Challenges

The Data-Enabled Executive: Using Analytics for Student Success

Part IV: Pragmatic Data Governance: Cultural Shifts in an Institution thru Best Practices

Part III: Pragmatic Data Governance-Best Practices of Reporting

Quick Summary of What is Data Governance and Key Best Practices

Part II: Pragmatic Data Governance-Just in Time Data Governance

Part I: Pragmatic Data Governance-Accountability and Trust

Succeed with Just-in-Time Data Governance

At-Risk Students and the Data Cookbook: Harnessing the Power of Prediction

Case for Sharing Definitions & Specifications in the Public Community

Chief Data Officer, Part Two

Chief Data Officer, Part One

Building a Better Data Culture

Going All In for Data Management

Migrating Reports - You have to Analyze the Functional Need

Data Governance Takes Time...

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