Remove Barriers to Effective Reporting

Remove Barriers to Effective Reporting

StockSnap_8E6HMW8QMF_ReportingBarrierFence_BP.jpgImplementing effective reporting in higher education is not easy.  This post outlines the barriers to effective reporting and provides solutions to  eliminate these barriers.

Here are a few barriers:

  1. Incomplete requirements
  2. Lack of knowledge about the data
  3. Data quality issues
  4. Lack of training or knowledge about available reports or tools
  5. Politics that causes no cooperation between departments
  6. Information Technology and Institutional Research folks don’t even speak the same language or have a working relationship
  7. Lack of resources and time
  8. Issues with access to the data
  9. Slow turnaround for new reports or data
  10. Lack of trust in the data

Which ones are you experiencing?

From our observation we know that reporting is hard.  Many higher education institutions continue to struggle with reporting.  And they have failed with various reporting tools while other institutions are successful with the same reporting tools.  So the solution is not about the technology.  It is a people and process problem.

Here are 11 suggested ways to eliminate barriers to successful reporting.  If you practice at least 6 of them, your reporting environment will significantly improve.

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge of the data
  • Transparency
  • Data ownership and stewardship
  • Well implemented reporting tools
  • Standard, controlled and well understood processes
  • Best practices
  • Knowledge base/ collaboration tools
  • Great training and documentation
  • Data governance and data management

Reporting is difficult.  Make sure that you focus on the people involved in the data and reporting to achieve success.  It is easier to achieve when a solution like Data Cookbook is used.  Create a culture to eliminate barriers to effective reporting at your higher education institution.

If you are interested in data governance services by IData experts or the Data Cookbook, the leading data governance solution for higher education institutions, please Contact Us.

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Brenda Reeb
About the Author

Brenda is a consultant in data management, data governance, and the information needs of users. She has over 20 years' experience providing services and solutions in higher education. Brenda has designed and implemented data management policies, established workflows, and created metadata. She is an experienced advocate for data management at all levels of an organization.

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