Need Help with System Integration?  Check Out Our Resources!

Need Help with System Integration?  Check Out Our Resources!

Integration between data systems is a key part of data management.  As more data systems are used in an organization, system integrations are becoming even more critical.  IData’s staff is expert at system integrations.  We have created many integration connectors that allow folks to do their job better and make organizations more efficient.  And we have created a great deal of resources on the subject and thought we would place these resources in one place.  First, we’ll cover system integration projects and the best practices that are necessary.  Then we’ll cover what to do after integration go live and how to assess it on an annual basis.  Finally, we’ll provide resources on features of our Data Cookbook Integration Suite as well as the challenges involved in system integration.



System integration projects are not easy.  That is why we have written a few blog posts and done a few videos on the subject as well as a recorded webinar involving system integration projects.

Now that the integration between the 2 systems is live, what next?  Here are posts on best practices after go live and on annual assessments.

There are many challenges in integrating 2 data systems and managing disparate data systems including lack of skills, lack of money, lack of resources, poor communication / planning, etc. and we have a few resources (blog post and recorded webinar) on the subject.  And, we have a video on when to evaluate your connector.  Also, we have a recorded webinar for our Data Cookbook users on the integration suite features of the product.

We hope that these resources help you in your integration efforts.  IData is expert in integrating higher education data systems including ERPs, SISs, CRMs (such as Slate) and financial solutions (such as Concur).  We have connectors and our IDataHub enterprise service bus that makes integration easy.  IData also has experts that can assist with data governance (data intelligence), reporting and other technology services on an as needed basis. Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can assist.

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