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The What and How of Data Lineage

Data at the beginning of the line usually changes by the time it gets to the end of the line.  You need to understand the changes that occur.  All organizations, including higher education...

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Purpose of a Data Governance Assessment

In this blog post we will discuss the purpose of a data governance initiative assessment so that you can create a plan. First, you will need to assess your current situation around data...

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How and What of Data Governance

When we talk about best practices in data governance, we separate it into two main areas: framework (the how) and content (the what).  This blog post will discuss these 2 areas and provide links to...

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What is Data Governance and Why It Matters

What do we mean by data governance and why does data governance matter?  This blog post answers both of these questions.

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Sources of Definition Content

What are the best sources of definition content for your glossary?  This post discusses several sources including: your most popular reports, pre-existing local glossaries, data dictionaries...

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Key Elements of Data Governance Success

There are five key elements (goals, buy-in, content, process, champions) that we say are needed for data governance success for organizations which we will cover in this blog post as well as...

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Resources for Just-in-Time Data Governance

We are firm believers that organizations should practice just-in-time data governance which has an empowered committee to handle policy and vision as well as empowered individuals (data stewards)...

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Data Governance Content for All Organizations

There is a great deal of content in data governance.  And there needs to be agreement on what we are governing.  There are 12 key areas of content which we will cover in this blog post.  We will...

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Use a Consistent Approach to Include Valid Values and Reference Data in a Glossary Definition

An earlier blog post summarized a method that listed 6 components to consider when writing a good business glossary definition.   Another earlier post discussed the first component which is...

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Data Governance Framework: Communication Process

One of the three components of a data governance framework is having a communication process which includes facilitating just-in-time data governance, supporting data governance content activity...

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