Data Stewardship is Critical - Here are Some Resources

Data Stewardship is Critical - Here are Some Resources

StockSnap_UN5XQREKKP_datastewardresources_manwriting_BPData stewardship is an important part of data governance (also referred to as data intelligence) and thus an important part of the success of the organization.  A key part of data governance is helping people and the data stewards are the team that assists others with data governance and management.  This post mentions resources (blog posts, videos and recorded webinars) that IData staff has created in the area of data stewardship to aid organizations.

Data stewardship is part of the framework for successful data governance which you can get an overview in this video titled "A Framework for Data Governance: Data Stewardship" or our blog post with the same title.

You may have recently been asked to perform this role, or perhaps you manage those who perform this role. Check out the blog post titled “What Does the Data Steward Do?” which outlines the prerequisite experience for the role and typical duties.  If interested in a sample organization chart involving data stewards watch this video titled “Sample Org Chart Involving Stewards”.  Also check out our blog post titled "Some Ideas on Taking Full Advantage of Your Data Stewards' Potential".

For folks identified as data stewards there are a few principles you should follow which are: being helpful, being a problem solver, being a creator, being a protector and being positive.  Learn more in this blog post titled “Data Steward Principles” or watch this video titled “Principles & Responsibilities of Data Stewards”.  Also don't forget the soft skills.  Here is a blog post titled "Soft Skills and Traits of a Good Data Steward".

The ideal situation is to have people on staff who are experienced and knowledgeable.  And have data stewards who can do a variety of tasks effectively. Read the blog post titled “Data Steward Matrix” to discover the steps to create a matrix to make sure that you have stewards in all the areas of your organization.

For data stewards to be successful you need to provide them with the proper knowledge and resources.  The more successful they are the more successful data governance will be and thus the more successful the organization will be.  The blog post titled “Setting the Stage for Data Stewards” outlines how to set the proper stage for data steward success.  Part of this stage setting is providing the data stewards with the tools they need such as the Data Cookbook solution.  More information can be found in this video titled “How the Data Cookbook Can Help Data Stewards”.

Another key element for data stewards is training which you can find out more about in this video titled “Training the Data Stewards”. 

Need help in getting data steward acceptance?  Then check out this blog post titled "Getting Data Steward Acceptance".

Also check out our video titled "Customer Service Approach to Data Stewardship".

Check out our video titled "It's OK Not to Have All Your Data Stewards".  You don't have to wait until they are in place. And there is the video titled "Making a Great Data Steward".  Additional videos include "Typical Day, Week, Month of a Data Steward" and "Data Stewardship Process Example (Data Request)".

Here are a few data steward-related videos:

And if you want more details information regarding data stewardship check out these recorded webinars:

IData has created a great deal of resources regarding data stewards and stewardship.  These individuals are critical for the success of data governance at an organization.  In this post we mentioned resources on determining stewards, needed tools/training, and their roles & responsibilities.  Hope you find these resources useful.  Additional data governance and data intelligence-related resources can be found here.

IData has a solution, the Data Cookbook, that can aid the employees and the organization in its data governance, data intelligence, data stewardship and data quality initiatives. IData also has experts that can assist with data governance, reporting, integration and other technology services on an as needed basis. Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can assist.

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