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Example of Independent Diligence: Effort of Report Request Process

Let us think about what an organization’s report request process might look like in terms of effort if you are trying to implement a certain amount of diligence. If we are a report writer and we are...

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Analytics Maturity: Don't Run before You Walk

Your organization faces numerous challenges as it makes its way towards analytics maturity. We are deliberately using that phrase loosely, since what that maturity looks like for your organization...

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The Meeting Place of Data Governance and Cybersecurity

We found ourselves at a trade show last week, and we were amazed as usual by the variety and creativity of software and solutions available. We found ourselves near a company that among other things...

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Effective Data-Related Onboarding and Training

Organizations are constantly generating and gathering vast amounts of data. And this data is critical to the success of the organization. The amount of data makes it challenging for employees to...

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Levels of Adoption of Data Governance

Management at your organization might have the assumption that data governance creates a lot of extra work. That is not a totally false assumption. There is effort necessary for data governance and...

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My Small Marketing Data Governance Journey

This is a different kind of blog post for me. I feel that every person in an organization that works with data (on that is almost everyone) is part of the data governance team. This blog post will...

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Managing Data Sprawl

Recently we discussed the concept of data sprawl. We find ourselves very much in the era of data sprawl, with so much data available for capture, so many specialized tools for its collection and...

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Understanding Data Sprawl

As long as the notion of big data has been around, we have known that organizations of all sizes are exposed to more data, more quickly, across more systems and platforms. (These are the three Vs:...

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Data Governance is Culture and Not a One-Time Project

Data is a valued organization asset. Data is continually flowing and changing and growing. Your organization needs to properly manage data all the time. If you have not already done so, you need to...

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Data Friction; or, Don't Get Blistered by Your Data

Recently we were working with a client and it came to us after much discussion that the right name for the key problems they were facing was something that should be called "data friction." In the...

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